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Spirit of Might



Introduction: The Holy Spirit demonstrates throughout the Bible his mighty power. That is why The Holy Spirit is called the Spirit of Might and also the Spirit of Power. We already looked at the Spirit of Power in Isa 11. Today we will look at the Spirit of Might. We can see that in many Scriptures and also in the life of Samson.  When we sing about the mighty God we say today He is ABLE


Focus Scripture  Zech 4:6-7 6 Then he answered and spake unto me, saying, This is the word of the Lord unto Zerubbabel, saying, Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the Lord of hosts.7 Who art thou, O great mountain? before Zerubbabel thou shalt become a plain: and he shall bring forth the headstone thereof with shoutings, crying, Grace, grace unto it.


It is not by our might or power but by the power of God flows in our life so we can know the grace of God! This says several things 1) no mountain can stand before a believer who walks in the grace of God which comes through Jesus Christ. We should speak the gospel of Grace to it. Zerubbabel is the governor at that time and there was the 2nd temple built under him.  We must speak loudly the Gospel so we can allow the Spirit of God to move in our life!

Heb 13:8 8 Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today, and forever.

The same way that Jesus is in the Bible he is today and will be forever! Jesus never changes for Jesus wants you to be able to trust him. Jesus is the one who created all things and Jesus is called the Word. Jesus is the one who did many miracles in his ministry and defeated the Devil for us! Jesus rose from the dead! Jesus made us right in his sight! Jesus lives in you so you can demonstrate the same miracle power in your life that he demonstrated on the earth 2,000 years ago!

 A Judge Named Samson- Today we see people called the Hulk or great weight lifters and are amazed by them. Samson was like that but only was like that when the Spirit of God came on him. He may not have looked like a muscle- bound weight lifter but he was strong because of the power of God on Him. Samson had a SAD ending to his life but he did rule as a judge before the kings of Israel

Spirit of God came on Him  Jdgs. 14:5-6 5 Then went Samson down, and his father and his mother, to Timnath, and came to the vineyards of Timnath: and, behold, a young lion roared against him.6 And the Spirit of the Lord came mightily upon him, and he rent him as he would have rent a kid, and he had nothing in his hand: but he told not his father or his mother what he had done.

The Spirit of God moved on Him in such power that he was able to rip a lion in 2 with his bare hands. That demonstrates power. I never heard of a man being able to do that. Imagine approaching a lion and ripping him in 2! Just because the lion roared at him. He not only could do that but he had no fear before the animal. Nothing could scare him! So, he not only had might but he also had no fear. Nothing could defeat him, not even the wild beasts of the field!


A donkey’s Jawbone Jdgs. 15:14 -16 14 And when he came unto Lehi, the Philistines shouted against him: and the Spirit of the Lord came mightily upon him, and the cords that were upon his arms became as flax that was burnt with fire, and his bands loosed from off his hands.15 And he found a new jawbone of an ass, and put forth his hand, and took it, and slew a thousand men therewith.16 And Samson said, With the jawbone of an ass, heaps upon heaps, with the jaw of an ass have I slain a thousand men.

Bones are hard and with this hard bone he by himself could defeat 1,000 men and killed them all who came against him. He defeated an army by himself. He showed the power of God when he took this jawbone and defeated those who came against him. The ones who came against him were Philistines. Today, that is the area of Palestine where Gaza is and where Goliath came from! No army could defeat him. HE was able to protect Israel against any enemy that came against them!

Died with his enemy Jdgs. 16:26-30 26 And Samson said unto the lad that held him by the hand, Suffer me that I may feel the pillars whereupon the house standeth, that I may lean upon them.27 Now the house was full of men and women; and all the lords of the Philistines were there; and there were upon the roof about three thousand men and women, that beheld while Samson made sport.28 And Samson called unto the Lord, and said, O Lord God, remember me, I pray thee, and strengthen me, I pray thee, only this once, O God, that I may be at once avenged of the Philistines for my two eyes.29 And Samson took hold of the two middle pillars upon which the house stood, and on which it was borne up, of the one with his right hand, and of the other with his left.30 And Samson said, Let me die with the Philistines. And he bowed himself with all his might; and the house fell upon the lords, and upon all the people that were therein. So, the dead which he slew at his death were more than they which he slew in his life.

The Philistines finally capture him and his eyes were plucked out but even though that happened he still wanted to fulfill his mission. The leaders of the Philistines were there at this great celebration. So, he asked the Lord to give him strength one more time. We would call that the anointing! The young man helped him and the 2 mighty hands were laid upon the pillars and he gave one last mighty push and brought down the whole building on them! God wanted us to know that even when we do not feel like we walk in the anointing God still moves in our life to bring a victory to people!

Blessing of God’s Might in our life- God shows us his might through the Holy Spirit. He will fight for us and also wants to show his strength to us in this life. Our life will blossom, the armor will show us how to win and we can sing songs of deliverance because of the blessing of God in our life. God shows us how he might deliver us. The Spirit of Might will deliver us and wants to bless us so we can bless others! You cannot understand that God wants to bless you without knowing that God is a BIG God to you in Your life today!

Be Strong Eph 6:10-1110 Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might.11 Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.

The Apostle Paul tells us about the armor of God and these verses tell us that we can use that armor against the Devil to defeat him. We can stand against all the things that the Devil does against us. The armor must be put on and worn daily! Stand against the Devil. Speak in the name! Stand in the righteousness of God! Know what you have because of the salvation that God provided in Christ. Walk in peace! Use your armor daily to help you walk in power and might today!

I will rejoice Hab 3:17-19 17 Although the fig tree shall not blossom, neither shall fruit be in the vines; the labour of the olive shall fail, and the fields shall yield no meat; the flock shall be cut off from the fold, and there shall be no herd in the stalls:18 Yet I will rejoice in the Lord, I will joy in the God of my salvation.19 The Lord God is my strength, and he will make my feet like hinds' feet, and he will make me to walk upon mine high places. To the chief singer on my stringed instruments.

I love this passage for when things are going bad and it looks like the economy is bad you can know that you can still rejoice in the Lord. Have joy in God for he will give you salvation. God is your strength and cause you to be able to stand up when others come against you! God will exalt you so you can stand up on the mountain apart from those in the valley! Deliver you from your enemies because of his mighty power in your life!

 God’s Power Demonstrated for Me- Ex 15:1-3 Then sang Moses and the children of Israel this song unto the Lord, and spake, saying, I will sing unto the Lord, for he hath triumphed gloriously: the horse and his rider hath he thrown into the sea.2 The Lord is my strength and song, and he is become my salvation: he is my God, and I will prepare him an habitation; my father's God, and I will exalt him.3 The Lord is a man of war: the Lord is his name.

After the Jewish people were delivered from Egypt Miriam and Moses sang a song to the Lord. The leaders lead the people in this song. They all rejoiced in the victory for their joy was shared with the whole nation. The Egyptians were defeated and were lying in the Red Sea. God had performed a mighty miracle in front of their eyes! A Miracle was performed in front of them. When you see God move in your life! God will cause you to rejoice and power to flow in your life!


Light through David - Throughout the Scripture the term light is associated with the glory of God. When the glory comes the power of God comes. The AIM of my life should be to live in the glory of God so I can walk in the power of God and see power flow though my life. Not just might and human strength but the power or authority to do sign wonders and miracles in this realm. This is my goal or AIM in this life. is this also your AIM today?

Afraid no more Ps 27:1The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?

When you have the might of God working on your behalf then you should not be afraid. Here the Psalmist says that when the Lord is my light and salvation then we have nothing to be afraid about. We need to know that God is on our side. God is the one who brings strength to us in every situation. There is no one that we should afraid of for God wants to deliver us. No weapon formed against us can prosper. We have the right to walk in faith and not fear! We can walk in all the things that we have in our salvation package! You have the right to healing, prosperity and all that is in the atonement!


I will be Blessed of God Ps 29:1111 The Lord will give strength unto his people; the Lord will bless his people with peace.

Make the decision that you will be blessed of God no matter what is happening in the world around you. Make the decision that God will strengthen you and bless you with peace.  Make the decision that God is for you. There is nothing that can defeat you. So do not quit! God is your source and the one who can strengthen you when you feel weak and unable to overcome, but you as a child of the Living God are an overcomer! You will win in every situation in this life!

My way is perfect in Him  Ps 18:28-36 28 For thou wilt light my candle: the Lord my God will enlighten my darkness.29 For by thee I have run through a troop; and by my God have I leaped over a wall.30 As for God, his way is perfect: the word of the Lord is tried: he is a buckler to all those that trust in him.31 For who is God save the Lord? or who is a rock save our God?32 It is God that girdeth me with strength, and maketh my way perfect.33 He maketh my feet like hinds' feet, and setteth me upon my high places.34 He teacheth my hands to war, so that a bow of steel is broken by mine arms.35 Thou hast also given me the shield of thy salvation: and thy right hand hath holden me up, and thy gentleness hath made me great.36 Thou hast enlarged my steps under me, that my feet did not slip.

 You are perfect and faultless and blameless for God sees you as being in Him! There is no darkness that can overcome you! Monday there will be a temporary darkness when the eclipse comes but the sun will shine again! God will cause me to win for darkness cannot overcome the light! He made me perfect in all I do! HE is my defense and my offense. He is all I need! He is the one who exalts me no matter the enemy does! King David was a great warrior and won many great battles but God was the one who was with Him. God is with you too so that you can overcome all that Satan does in your life today!


Everlasting God is a GEM.  He produces in us that we are a GEM to him as well. We are a treasure to him and he is a treasure to us.  When you see the might of God in the life of God then you need to hold up what they tell you as a GEM and relish in that teaching. The Holy Spirit has power and manifests the Word of God to cause it to happen in your life. The Holy Spirit is the Might of God.

God is Love 2 Tim 1:5-7 5 When I call to remembrance the unfeigned faith that is in thee, which dwelt first in thy grandmother Lois, and thy mother Eunice; and I am persuaded that in thee also.6 Wherefore I put thee in remembrance that thou stir up the gift of God, which is in thee by the putting on of my hands.7 For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

The important truth that causes us to know the mighty power of God is that God is love. Timothy was raised by 2 women and they instilled in Timothy the love of God. The Apostle Paul instilled in Timothy the grace of God and put the gift of God in him when he prayed for Timothy. So, Timothy use what I gave you when I laid my hands on you. Saint of God use what God gave you! What gift or talent do you have that God gave you? Use it to glorify God and use it without fear but to respond with power so you can show others the love of God for you have a mindset that will produce salvation to deliver others because you do not walk in fear but in faith! Walk in faith and that gift will produce great things in your life!

Earth created by the Godhead - Gen 1:2,26-27 2 And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. 26 And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.27 So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.

To demonstrate the power of God we see the Godhead created the heavens and the earth in Genesis, the book of the beginning of time! No one knows the exact day when the earth was created. We do know that 1) after Satan fell in v2 – the earth was without form (Satan fell and it produced darkness here). So how long was it after the original creation of time and the earth. No one knows. We do know that since Adam fell it has been about 6000 years according to the Jewish time. They use 360 -day years and not 365 day years. Skip down to v 26 and we see that God said we will make man to have dominion over the creation we made! God created male and female to have dominion over the earth. (Ch 2 tells us how he did this) Women are not a lesser creation then men! All men are created equal! This shows the might and power of God!

Mount Up Isa 40:28-31 28 Hast thou not known? hast thou not heard, that the everlasting God, the Lord, the Creator of the ends of the earth, fainteth not, neither is weary? there is no searching of his understanding.29 He giveth power to the faint; and to them that have no might he increaseth strength.30 Even the youths shall faint and be weary, and the young men shall utterly fall:31 But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.

 You can mount up with wings like eagles and fly above the situation. The eagle is called the king of the sky. The greatest bird of creation. The eagle represents the USA. The eagle shows us that we will run and not be weary, walk and not faint. The eagle flies and lets the winds carry him. Let the wind of the Holy Spirit carry you so you do not have to go in your strength and not in your power or might! This is why the Lord can carry you in the Strength of God! Be an eagle so you can run with power and renew your strength in the midst of the storm! BE strong in the power of God today!

Conclusion – You can see the might of God walk in your life today! Too many Christians walk in their strength. They are like the world and you cannot tell the difference between a Christian and an unbeliever! They walk with worry and fear and do not believe in Christ like they are told to do! We are told to walk in faith and expect a miracle in our life! When we expect miracles and want to see them in our life then we can walk with power in our life today!


Application – faith causes us to see the might of God operate in our life! Today I wanted to show you that God is able and that power lives in you. The Holy Spirit wants you to see Christ in you and to walk in that power today! Let the God of Might walk within you so that you can walk in great power and love today! Walk in grace and trust that God will provide for you!


Prayer for healing- (pray in faith believing) Expect a miracle and see yourself as being healed. Find a Scripture for your healing and speak that forth. Heavenly Father I pray for healing. I thank you for manifesting healing in my body today! You took all my sickness, disease, pain, sorrow for you paid for it on the cross of Calvary. I speak healing into my body and command ______________ to leave my body! No weapon can defeat me! I call myself healed because of the blood of Jesus Christ. Devil take your hands off of me for I am the child of the living God! Now thank the Lord for healing you!

Prayer for Salvation- I pray that all of you will come to know Jesus.  Pray with me: Heavenly Father I recognize my need for you for without Jesus, I cannot make it in this life. I need you! I know I am a sinner and I need your SON.  I recognize that Jesus died for my sin when Jesus died for me on Calvary. I believe that he rose again so that I can go to heaven and live with you there. Thank you for paying for my sin and bringing me into your forever family. So, Jesus come into my heart and live in me today! I am now a Christian!


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