Why a fellowship and not a church?  We want to not become another religious institution but a united family. Church has regulations and a fellowship is about family time. We focus on the members of our congregation becoming a part of our lives so we can share with them what God has given to us.


What is unique about Word of Grace Fellowship? We focus on the grace of God and want others to know the love that God has given to us. We want to be involved in our members lives instead of just providing events for them to come to, we see "church" as meeting with the family that God gave to us.


What is a Grace Fellowship? A fellowship is where when you make friends with others who have a common interest but a grace fellowship focuses first on what you have because of the Grace that God has given to us in Jesus Christ. God's grace is the reason behind all that we do. 


Do you have members in your fellowship? Yes we are still an organization and as such we do have memberships because we want people to feel like they can be a vital part of our mission just as we want to be a vital part of their lives.


What is the Mission of Word of Grace Fellowship? We desire to share God's grace throughout the world. We have had response from people in Africa and Asia to our message which is one that helps bring freedom. Our message is simply God made a way for you and wants to be involved in your life because of the Grace of Jesus Christ.


Do you help the poor and needy? At present we are reaching out to Pastors of churches in India, Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda etc., and many of their churches have orphanages and are needy. We reach out to them by sending what God has given to us to send them, and encourage people to join us so that we can bless them even more.


I want to help, but I already belong to another church so what can I do?  You can partner with us which means that you can make a commitment to help us by praying for us daily and monthly sending in at least $20. We have a page on this website that helps to explain our partnerships. Also you can visit our site weekly and share what you have received with others so they can receive the Word of His Grace


Can I attend one of your services? Yes, they are free and open to the public. We meet at the Springfield YMCA at 11 AM on Sunday mornings and they are open to all of your family members.


Do you welcome people of all faiths or do I have to belong to a certain denomination? We welcome all people for we are non denominational. That means that we do not belong to any denomination such as Baptist, Methodist, Lutheran etc and that we will accept you regardless of your religious background.


Do I have to dress a certain way to come to your meetings? No, we do not require a certain style of dress but we do ask that you be respectful of others while there and do not draw attention to yourself.