New Years’ Prophecy 2021

Last year was unlike any other because of the way Satan used fear to grip the world. Fear is not of me for fear is not of GOD. Fear makes you accept what Satan does. This year you have a choice to accept what Satan wants to continue to do or to believe what I want to do in your life. I want to produce grace and deliverance for you and through you. Satan wants to kill you steal from you and destroy everything you have and to destroy the people in your life.  Satan will tell you lies and is a destroyer. Do not listen to me but listen to my word. 5 Things I want to do for you in 2021 if you will believe me.

1)    Increase your understanding in my grace- To understand grace you must understand my gospel and the gospel as Paul preached. The Apostle Paul preached grace so you need to read the Epistles and teach them to others. You need to walk in the epistles and teach from your heart these writings. I put them in the Scripture for a reason so accept what I put in the NT as what to live by.

2)    Walk in love-  Too many saints do not focus on others but are selfish. They focus on themselves and not on what I desire to do for them or through them. They need to go to church despite their feelings and to demonstrate their love by their attendance. They do not go to church for the Pastor they go for ME! They need to minister to others and it is important to be fed and be enriched by the service. When they go they uplift the Pastor and he is edified by their presence. Love others by giving to them what I have directed you to give! IT is my job to correct the Pastor and not the sheep!

3)    Praise Me- Praise is an important part of your life. You must praise Me in the good and bad. People who are taking from you are doing so because of what their lord does! So, listen to the direction of your LORD and KING – JESUS.  Do not lean to your understanding but lean to my understanding! Let my wisdom direct you for the Holy Spirit knows all because the Holy Spirit is God. Praise me as I put a song in your heart. Rejoice and again I say rejoice!

4)    Give First to ME – I told you my child to give and I expect to be first in your life! First in your giving time, family, love, in everything you do! I am #1 for I must be above all things! Do not limit me in your life by making me at the bottom or anything but first. I must be first for I do not accept anything but first. Change your habit and do not say I will give when I have it. Give off the top. Give and it is given again good measure pressed down and shaken together and then men will give unto you! Prove me by allowing me to be the first and give your best. I do now ant leftovers I want, the choice part of what you have!

5)    Trust ME!- I am the person who gives you all! I am your source and will provide your needs. I will accept all you give so accept me and know that I want to do not just the little things. Raise your children to focus on me and be the first in their life. As you trust me first then others will do so! Walk on water like Peter! BE the answer to other people! Pray in the Spirit! Seek ME! Walk in freedom says the Lord!

These 5 things will help you to receive from me in new ways and help to prevent the devil from defeating you this year. I have many blessings for you! Walk in the blessing and not in the curse. Accept my provision and walk in my power says the Lord. You have authority and power so use it to bring victory to yourself and others!

 weekly prophecy:

October 17,2021

Speak my Word

Do not fret over what is going wrong in your life. Do you not know that I am with you whether the things are good or bad? Do you not know that I am with you in the storm and can walk on the storm? I am the Lord most High and I created all things! I am the One who will see you through all things! Greater is he in you then he that is in the world. When things go bad rejoice for you know that I will see you through!



Let go of the things that bind you!

So many things bind you from not receiving what you need! Do not allow the weapons of the warfare that come against you to defeat you! I am rejoicing with you and although things are not seeming to work out for you! I am with you! You are a winner and nothing is able to defeat you! There is a stronger man then the one who bound and that name is Jesus! Lean on the mindset of the spirit and not in the flesh. Do not worry about what you cannot control!



Walk in the Spirit

 Allow my Spirit to help you walk when things are rough for the answers are in the Spirit! Lean not to your own understanding for in my Spirit is life and joy! Lean to the Spirit for in my Spirit is life and that it’s the life of God which created all things so walk in the Spirit and you will not fulfill the lusts of the flesh! The answer is so simple so trust me says the Lord and I will provide. Do not worry for I am still Jehovah Jireh and will give to you from my Spirit! Trust me says the Lord Trust me!






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