October 25, 2020   


Jehovah Jireh


 My son inside of you is a desire to vote the Bible. Others vote their mind. They do not vote according to what the Word says. Be strong and of good courage for I know your heart and I know this nation. I set this nation apart for a specific purpose to honor Israel.  Do not worry about what you see for when you pray know that I am is with you! I am your source for I am the one who sees ahead and I still provide for I am Jehovah Jireh




Jehovah Rapha


I am the Lord your healer. I still heal and still deliver for my power has not changed. I paid for your healing and nothing can overcome me. I still want you well and I still heal. Seek me and you will find me! Trust me says the Lord for I will heal those who come to me just as they did in the Bible. I want to make you well. I healed in the days of Moses and I still heal and healed in the book of Acts and in the Gospels and heal today! Walk in me and watch me heal today!



  Jehovah Shalom


I am the God of peace for I produce peace in your life. I am the one who walks on the stormy seas and the sea calms down. I speak peace into your life. I am the one who delivers you when you give for it is given again. Do not worry for when you obey the ones I put in your life then things will change. Do not resist the word given to your leaders but obey for when you listen to them and honor them I will bless you!  I want you to have peace in your marriage, home , finances, body and in all areas of your life!  Do not limit me!  I am your all in all so trust ME says the Lord!





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