New Years’ Prophecy 2022

My son I want to tell you about some things that will happen and the church must do to bring to pass what I desire in the earth. I have many things to tell you about this year. Prepare your heart and mind so you can see with my eyes and listen with my heart and do what I decree for you with your hands.

Reward- I will reward my saints for the work they have done for me both here on the earth and in Heaven. The wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just and in heaven you will get your reward for what you have done to honor my Son. I want to reward my children for what they do for me.

Son- my son is coming soon. The signs for you are there and things must happen before he comes. There are mor signs to happen before he comes but things are happening to prepare for the coming of the Son of man. Look for it for those who see it will be rewarded for that too!

Early Church- in the early church many great signs and wonders were done by my servants and it turned the world upside down. The establishment did now what to do with them. The church again will have that kind of revival. Pray in the Spirit and desire to see signs and wonders in your life. Desire my Spirit to flow through you and seek the anointing as things progress for my Spirit will lead you to new heights.

Gifts of grace- Grace is the gospel and grace is the foundation of my Word. Grace is what I have given so you can walk in power and might in this life. I give gifts unto men and desire that you give those gifts so those in your life can walk in freedom and liberty.

Antichrist system- The spirit of the antichrist is already in the world. Satan is preparing the world for the arrival of his son, just as I prepared the world for the arrival of my son. The kingdom of darkness will have a time but it will be short and I will remove my children before it comes. I will protect those who remain. The system is coming into being so watch for it but look up for your redemption draws nigh!

Rapture is coming- Tell them that I am coming soon! I am preparing things for my SON to return so do not focus on the evil in the world but focus on what is good that I am doing for in me you have peace and joy! Joy unspeakable and full of glory.

My child I love you and want to demonstrate what my gifts are to you. Prosper and be in health and share that with others this year. Share the joy and share what I have given to you. Testify to them and witness of what you know about my SON. Let the ministry I have given to you be your focus, for what I have given to you is of eternal importance for you and others!

November 27, 2022

 See me- Do not see things through the eyes of the flesh. See things with the focus of Heaven. See yourself through the eyes of who you are in Me says the Lord. I have given to you many things and to appropriate them you must let go of the world system and see through what I have provided for you. No weapon can prosper against you when you let go of the flesh. When you hold on to the flesh then you cannot see with the spiritual senses that I have given to you and will lose the battle. I am strong in those who listen to the Spirit. Lean not to the world but lean to me says the Lord!




Obey Me - My spirit is the voice that is in you. My Spirit lives within you and knows you and you are called to know my Spirit. Lean to learn that voice and obey that voice. Become sensitive to that voice for that voice will direct you. Lean strong on that Spiritual voice for in the Spirit are all the answers you need in this life. The life you live in the flesh cannot be overcome by the means of the flesh, but only by the power of the Spirit. Do you not know that you must cry grace, grace to the mountains that are in front of you! Listen and shout when I tell you to shout!





Grace Frees you– The freedom you have is because of the provision of the atonement that was made for you. I made it possible so that you can walk with me. Do not deny the freedom but allow that freedom to flourish in this life and in the lives of others. As you support the ones who give you the freedom then grace becomes bigger in your life! Allow grace to reign in your life. Grace opens doors for you to walk through for grace is the gospel and the gospel is given so that it can bring freedom to you and others.








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