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My son Holiness is about living as I lived in the earth. Holiness

Healing in the NT


prophecy   JULY 11, 2020

July 12, 2020   




 Son, relax and realize that the ministry I gave to you also includes the anointing that I gave to you. Rely on me and trust that I will provide all you need both for your finances and for the ministry. Listen to my Spirit and let my Spirit be your guide in all things. Did not my Word tell you to listen to my Spirit and does my Spirit burn in your ear?  Lean not to your own understanding for when you do you go away from the direction of my Spirit, so listen to my Spirit with prayer and supplication and I will answer with power in all you need in this life!




 Holiness comes from the heart for when you are holy then you can walk with power into the realms you have sought. Holy is a mindset for in holy walking you go into the area I desire you to be. Holy is what you are made for in being holy you are worthy of blessing. Let my HOLY spirit show you how I walked in holiness for righteousness and holiness work together. You are righteous so holiness comes out your righteous relationship with ME.





I am training you to go out and tell others about ME. I am showing you new ways to preach . I am changing around all that you know so that you can walk away from what you know into a new way of doing things as it was prophesied to you those many years ago. Walk in newness for when you do new things will manifest to you. BE the one that you have dreamed yourself to be. Walk and live in the dreams you have desired me to manifest in your life. I speak to you in dreams and visions of the night! I speak not only through words but also through images, for I the Lord know all languages and can talk to all people and all creatures for I created them!






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