December 6, 2020


This is a time to rejoice and be glad for when you do your faith is strengthened. There is much joy when you focus on Jesus. We need to learn how to rejoice for in so doing it opens new doors and lets you walk in victory. Joy lets you have a new found freedom. No one can take away your joy when your joy is based on the eternal things. When your happiness is based on what you see then your happiness can be removed. So, focus on what I have provided and your joy will be eternal!


Live in ME

Forever focus on the one who died and lives within you. Focus on my provision for in my provision there is all you need. Nothing can defeat you or overcome you for there is only victory.  Victory lasts forever for you have an eternal victory. Your victory endures for I endure and your victory is from ME. So, live in my assurance and that will comfort you when you think that everything is wrong in your life. Live in me and trust that I will help you overcome in this life and the next. The next life is forever but this life is only temporary!




Love ME

Your love must be centered on the Lord for nothing then can change that love. Godly focused love is the love that will help you give to others and see them through me. Godly love helps you to give and to allow others to show what they really are to you. Love of God helps you to see them in my vision and through my eyes instead of through your earthly eyes so you can walk in the freedom I have given to you. Love with my love for that is what I called you to do!




These prophecies are copyrighted @2020 and are the property of our Pastor-Rev. Dr. Don Carson. Used by permission only.  We meet Sundays @ 11 AM and would like to have you join us –go to and for more information call Pastor Don at 732-297-7794 (daytime)