August 12, 2018

Dream Big!
Dream of victory! See inside and let that lead you. I have direction that I give you from the inside out. I want you to know my Word and how it will lead you into all things. IT will lead you in your job and with ME. It will lead you in your home life and also with other people. IT will lead you in all things for I am the God who sees ahead and provides for my people! Dream and let me guide your dreams so I may direct you in every area of your life!

Fellowship with Me!
Know ME! Know who I am and when you do then you will better understand my word for my Word is life and that life comes from ME for I want to prosper you in all I do. Trust me says the Lord and let me open new doors so that the devil will not mislead you into avenues of cursing but so I might lead you into avenues of blessing says the Lord!

Praise Me!
I inhabit the praises of my people and the Devil cannot stand your praises. Singing causes Satan to run in fear for praise scatters the enemy from my presence! I show up when you praise ME. Do not worry about things other than focuses on ME and My WORD in your life. When you do that doors open and prosperity comes to you! So trust in ME and watch me manifest my Word to your life today!


These prophecies are copyrighted @2018 and are the property of our Pastor-Rev. Dr. Don Carson. Used by permission only. We meet Sundays @ 11 AM and would like to have you join us –go to and for more information call Pastor Don at 732-297-7794 (daytime)