February 16, 2020  FEB


February 23, 2020 

February 23, 2020  ]






These prophecies are copyrighted @2020 and are the property of ou\

February 23, 2020  






My son Holiness is about living as I lived in the earth. Holiness

Healing in the NT



March 29, 2020

March 29, 2020  ( 33rd Anniversary Service)



My son it does not matter what is noticed by the world. IT does not matter what is noticed because of the membership you have. What matters is your relationship with me and what I notice. I have seen your work and desire to let you speak what I have told you. Speak my Words to the people I give you. Sound the trumpet! Do not worry about the outcome or the people you feel are listening.  Sound the alarm and trust me to bring the people to listen!



Rejoice Always

 You rejoice because of the joy that is within you. You rejoice because of what you have. You rejoice because I have given to you the answer. You rejoice because of whose you are. Find reasons to rejoice and then you will see that the joy is contagious. Rejoice over and over and let that joy become an attitude of the heart and soon that joy will become an attraction to others! Have Joy over and over no matter what happens to you and soon you will learn how to be content in all things for the Joy of the Lord is your strength!



Exalt Me

 I am your answer when things are good bad or even when things look ugly. I am your answer when you are healed or sick, blessed or not, rich or poor, for your situation does not change our relationship. Exalt me in all things. Praise ME! Worship ME! I am your Savior, Creator and King. Learn to exalt me no matter what Scripture you read or what happens that day.  Exalt me in all things and then you will see me work in a new way for Satan cannot have dominion over one who learns to rejoice and who learns to exalt ME no matter what!





These prophecies are copyrighted @2020 and are the property of our Pastor-Rev. Dr. Don Carson. Used by permission only.  We meet Sundays @ 11 AM and would like to have you join us –go to www.wordofgracefellowship.com and for more information call Pastor Don at 732-297-7794 (daytime)