March 17, 2019

Prayer is more than talking to me. Prayer is thanksgiving and worship out of the relationship that you were given because of the righteousness you possess in Jesus Christ. You have what you need but you want assurance because of your flesh. Do not strive to receive when your focus is on self but focus on Me says the Lord. I am the Lord of the impossible so consider yourself doing what you think you cannot do! See the impossible inside so you can receive the impossible on the outside!

Visualize the Answer
When you see the answer on the inside then it makes it easier to receive the answer. Faith is eternal and faith manifests what is on the inside even when you cannot see it. The answer comes from what is in you, your soul and spirit and what I placed in you. The answer is given because of the atonement package you were given by Calvary! So see the answer and watch the manifestation of your faith come true!

Speak in the Spirit
Speak the answer in the spirit. When you are sick speak healing. When you are poor speak surplus. Speak the positive to the negative that the devil brings. The devil takes but God gives. Satan is against you but God is for you and will always want to bless you. So walk in the blessing: and you will see the answer from God. God is a good God and the devil is a bad devil. What gives is of God what takes come from Satan! So speak what the Spirit is saying to you in the Word and speak what the Lord instructs you to say through prophecy and tongues and the answer will manifest in your life!


New Year Prophecy for 2019

New Year Prophecy for 2019
My son I want to ensure that you understand that I am with you at all times and in all situations. I will never leave you for forsake you. Do not worry about what others say to you. Focus on the grace of God and allow me to use you and see new things. Do not do the old way of ministering but expand to do something new. I want you to grow in grace.
Expand your vision Write the vision and make it plain. I told you this and expect that you make it plain to others as I have given it to you. The vision is first one of grace and second it is one that was started by John, The grace is what you have taught since your inception. But see with new eyes.
Open your eyes- Do not see the way you have seen but see a new way. You have expanded some but you need to do more. You have added in some areas but more needs to be done. Do not limit yourself or limit me. I am a big God and I want you to expect Big things from me for I demand that you believe for the impossible when you need to get out of the rut.
Respond in Faith Trust me for what you do not see or what you want to do but are afraid to do. Do not let obstacles block you anymore. Remove the obstacles and feel free to move forward. Pray in the Spirit so you can go forward without those things that are binding you/
Let go of fear- The fear can hold you back but it can also cause you to stay too long in one place. I have more for you then you know. I have given you gifts and want you to use them to your full potential so do not be worried about not using them allowing Satan to hold you back because of your health to bind you from using your ability to bless me. Be strong in the power of my might.
Be Positive I am the God of blessing who does what you cannot do for yourself. I do the things that no one else can for I created all things so I can do what you cannot. Rely on me to do what you cannot and I will do the impossible if you will allow me to lead you guide me in all things. Go forward with joy and gladness.