March 19, 2023

 Arise and be counted My child arise for the sun is risen. Arise for the Son has come! Rise up and be counted for the day is soon approaching. The armor has been given and the day is soon coming! The angels are ready. Be strong for you are given the might of the Lord! The Lord is ready and the saints in Heaven are waiting for the day when they return to get their glorified bodies and see the rest of the family! Arise my children and be counted. Be strong and stand up in the might you have for you are among my saints!



Obey my Word and Spirit   Do not listen to the voice of men but listen to the voice of my Spirit for in my voice is power and great authority. There is none that can overcome the saints of God when you stand in the power you have been given. Lean not the ways of man but lean wholly on the Lord! Lean and allow my Spirit to rise up within you! Obey my Spirit and for in my Spirit is the answers you need. BE strong and overcome. Now is the time to be who you are for inside your spirit you have the answers. Inside is my Spirit and my Word! Open up your spiritual ears and listen to the voice of your God and you will see my power operate in your life!



Speak the Word! The Word has been deposited inside of you and you are able to defeat the enemies in your life! You can see the healing and miracles you desire in your life and the lives of others. Focus on me and you will see the answers. Seek me and I will give you the answers you seek. Spend time in my Word and the power will flow. Speak what I tell you to speak and the miracles they seek will come to pass. When miracles flow then the people will come. They are only waiting for one miracle and when they see it the floodgates will open up. Be ready for the floodgate is getting ready to come! Prepare your heart and mind but prepare the people for the grace of God will explode first within you and then in your life!







These prophecies are copyrighted @2023 and are the property of the Pastor of this church Apostle/Pastor/Teacher-Rev. Dr. Don Carson. Used by permission only.  We meet Sundays @ 11 AM and would like to have you join us –go to www.wordofgracefellowship.com and for more information contact Pastor Don through FB at Pastor Don Carson.