September 24, 2023


Trust – I gave you my grace and expect you to trust Me. Do not lean to the right or left for I am your source. I am the source you need for healing. I am what you need for prosperity and I am what you need for strength. Lean not to your understanding for when you lean or look at things outside of my Word then you will be relying on your strength and that is when you fail. Focus on Me says the Lord for in me is the power and ability that you need so you can walk free in this life. Trust that I will provide for you in this realm says the Lord!




Confidence-  What do you have confidence in? Do you have confidence that I will do what I said I will do or do you have confidence in yourself to meet the need? I expect you to put all your confidence in me, for when you do then I can supply those needs but when you have confidence in yourself then you will try to do it yourself and I cannot supply the needs that you do not give to me! Give me all your problems for I am bigger then all your problems and fears. You must first have confidence in me and then you can overcome all things!




Grace- is the foundation of this ministry. Grace is the foundation of the Gospel. Grace came to you in the person of Jesus Christ. Grace is given to you so that you can walk in the new covenant. Grace was provided for you at Calvary! Grace is what supplies your needs for Grace opens doors for you that nothing else will. Grace moves mountains in your life. Give grace and expect grace to work for you in this life! Grace is what you should speak to your situation. Grace has been instilled in your heart so I expect you to walk in the grace that you know and share that grace and then that grace will be instilled deeper within your life and the lives of others!





These prophecies are copyrighted @2023 and are the property of the Pastor of this church Apostle/Pastor/Teacher-Rev. Dr. Don Carson. Used by permission only.  We meet Sundays @ 11 AM and would like to have you join us –go to www.wordofgracefellowship.com and for more information contact Pastor Don through FB at Pastor Don Carson.

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