September 23, 2018

My Provision
Son, know that it is not based on your ability but on mine. All the things that I have for you is based on my ability to keep you for it comes to you by grace not works. Do not worry about the bank account or your health for I am with you to provide so you can do what I called you to do. Trust me in all things and I will take care of you forever more. Trust me says the Lord.

Walk without Fear
Fear does not come from me but comes from the devil. I only give good things so that you can receive from me to bring salvation to all men. Lean not to what you think is right but lean to my Spirit so that you can walk in the goodness of God to bring the salvation of God through the faith of my Son who provided for you on the cross of Calvary. Fear has torment but there is no fear in love so walk free from the tormenting condemnation that the Devil brings to you. Trust me says the Lord, trust ME

Walk in Faith
Faith is trust without doubts. Faith trusts me because of who I AM and not because of what happens to you. Faith trusts despite the situation for faith sees the God above and not the situations that come to you because of life. Faith sees the answer and not the problem: so trust in me and know I will provide for you no matter what in all things says the Lord, trust in me today!


These prophecies are copyrighted @2018 and are the property of our Pastor-Rev. Dr. Don Carson. Used by permission only. We meet Sundays @ 11 AM and would like to have you join us –go to and for more information call Pastor Don at 732-297-7794 (daytime)