October 21, 2018

Rejoice in Me!
Tell me son what is the reason for your rejoicing? Do you rejoice because of what you have or because of whose you are? Rejoice because of what I have given to you and let your praise be made known to all men! Do not worry about what others do but let the joy of your salvation be made known before men. When you rejoice in public the praise of God will cause my power to flow through you into great results!

Giving is at the foundation of living for without your giving you cannot have receiving. You must rejoice because of whose you are then you can give not because of your circumstances. Give not because of what you have but because of what you want! Give out of your need not limiting yourself because of your needs. Give and it will be given to you again. I am the Lord and I will open the windows of heaven when you let go of the obstacles and allow me to bless you. Stop griping and complaining but give with a cheerful heart before me!

Do not just love in word but also in deed. Do not focus on the actions of others but love others because of what I have done for you. The Lord is in you because of what I have done for you not because of what you have done for me. Trust me and I will sustain you no matter what men say about you. Love in all things and to all people. When you love others then you love me.


These prophecies are copyrighted @2018 and are the property of our Pastor-Rev. Dr. Don Carson. Used by permission only. We meet Sundays @ 11 AM and would like to have you join us –go to www.wordofgracefellowship.com and for more information call Pastor Don at 732-297-7794 (daytime)