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Meaning of Christmas

What does Christmas mean to you? Do you celebrate Jesus or Santa? The world celebrates Santa but we should celebrate Jesus. Jesus is God's gift to man but Santa is the world's idea of Christmas which is do good get good but do bad get nothing! Santa and his gifts are based on your doing but the good news of the gospel Christmas shows to what length God went to show his love to the world. Christmas is God showing his love to mankind.
Fear Not by Pastor John Hogan12/20/99

Lk 1:30-36 Fear Not Son of the Highest. what is going on here? There are things that need to be discusses her. Elizabeth si going to have a son 6 months before Mary. Her child is named John who will prepare the way for Jesus ( John the Baptist). many thought that John was a madman for he ate locusts and wild honey. The idea is like that of the OT and NT for the OT prepared the way for the NT. The OT was given to show us that we cannot do it that way. God never gave the commands as the way to salvation. We are not able to please GOD by keeping the commands. Many teach commandment keeping saves you but that is not true. IT is abundantly clear that our salvation is a gift and that Jesus is the Savior God sent for us. So we emphasize it by saying eternal life and that gift is in the life of his Son, Jesus Christ.

New changes

One of the things we have changed is our songbook. We now have 90 pages worth of songs in this book. Some more changes will probably be made as we go further. We are also live streaming on FB and hope to go on YOU TUBE. I have gotten an account there. Our Website is having lots of problems so at some point we will need a new site. We need wisdom to do these things and guidance so we can go in the right direction.
What will you give Jesus this Christmas?

I want to ask you during the Holiday season what are you planning to give to the Lord? You give presents to your family and some friends and possibly your coworkers, but what are you planning to give to the Lord! IT is His birthday and everyone attending the party gets a gift but the one whose birthday we are celebrating! Let us begin a tradition here to give a gift to JESUS. How can we do that? We can give something to this church ( if you attend here or consider yourself a member, or are blessed by this church) Give from your heart. Giving is an important part of any relationship for we must learn to give when we don't want to. Give and it is given back!


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