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SEPT 2018


Here are the latest opportunities to strengthen
your faith and connect with the community.

Feast of Trumpets
and the Rapture

There are 7 feasts in
Israel and 4
were fulfilled with the 1st coming of Christ. The 7 feasts
are Passover, Feast
of Unleavened Bread, Firstfruits, Pentecost, Trumpets, Day
of Atonement and
Tabernacles, Jesus is the focus of all these feasts
written in the law and the prophets was about him. The first
3 were about the
death burial and resurrection of Jesus and Pentecost was
about the coming of
the Holy Spirit. The Rapture is connected with the
feast of Trumpets (Yom
Terah or the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah) The
Tribulation is connected
with the Day of Atonement ( time of cleansing - Yom Kippur)
and the final feast
is Tabernacles when God dwells with us in the Millennial
reign of Christ.
Since the first 4 feasts had to do with the 1st coming then
the last 3 will his
2nd coming. So Jesus will come on the feast of trumpets
which is in Judaism
called the hidden day - the day which no man


Series: Jesus Healing and Prosperity in every

We will be looking at how Jesus is
represented in every book of the
Bible ( both OT and NT) Then we will look at Healing in
every book of the Bible
and then Prosperity in every book of the Bible. Each
series will have 21
sermons each. (11 OT and 10 NT) We need to understand
who Jesus is before
we can understand about Healing and Prosperity. We all need
Healing and
Prosperity in our life but to get it we must go through

Prophetical things
> yet to happen


Commandment Keeper 9/17/00 by John

Our Founder - Pastor John Hogan

What God is talking
about here is Josh 1:7-9 is so simple that
anyone can understand it. God loves you so He gives you
eternal life since you
do not deserve it. This is the Gospel in a nutshell.
You do not have to
be a Bible Scholar to figure this out- even a child can do
it. Did you pick up
on it? What He sees is so simple. It says to observe to do
the law, or to study
the Word. See how to keep it and you will be prosperous. St.
Paul says
that you will know that because of Christ you are a
commandment keeper. You
will see how by simply being born again. Meditate -see how
to do it. I see how
I am a commandment keeper for GOD prospers me abundantly.
For the Greatest gift
apart from eternal life is to know that I am righteous
because of Jesus Christ.

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