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Long days and busy schedules can make life stressful at times. This message is to help you slow things down and reflect on what is truly important. Join us in discovering [THE POWER OF FAITH/THE WORD OF THE LORD] so that we may all reap the benefits of a spiritual life.


Right now Pastor Don is doing a series on Jesus in every book and then we will look at why we need to give and go to church and a small series on prayer. Then we will resume with Jesus and Healing in every book and Jesus and Prosperity in every book of the Bible. These series are important because we need to hear these things. We need to get back to seeing Jesus and to get a sense of healing again and that we can prosper. Our roots go back to Word of Faith and the Grace that was taught by Pastor John. Lets establish ourselves in those roots so those affected areas can be re-established in our life again.


I want to take some time to encourage you. We have members who are sick and tired. We have people who need prayer and need financial help. Perhaps we need to be more willing to tell others our needs as they did in the early church so that they could help one another. A least we can pray for them.The bottom line needs to be that we needs to see this church as having a mission and all of us in submission as one to completing the mission. We need to focus on the mission and not on other things. The churches that grow have greater unity in the church. As long as we have division we cannot grow. So to get well we need to come together!

The reason we are looking at these things in these sermon series is because of the needs we have in this church. We need to hear about giving, prayer and why we need church. We need to hear about how to be healed for those that are sick. We need to hear about how to prosper. We need Jesus in a greater way in our life. So I pray that these sermons will help you see Jesus in a new and and living way! So for those that are reading this that do not come. I pray you are listening and also going to our website to read our sermon notes again and again so that you can be enriched we are charged to give to you!

March 24 2019 33rd Church Anniversary

Highlights Importance of those who have gone before:
John Hogan and how the church started- we came out of Evangelistic Centre after Pastor Paul McCarthy died we left. We started as a home cell group meeting and met at the house of Don Olson in Colonia and also at times we met at the house of Carolyn Owchariw in Roselle Park. This happened from 1981 -1987. However we do not count the years of the church until we left the church in 1986 for that is when we started the church even though we were not official until a couple years later.

John Hogan was the leader of the Bible Study and thus be became the Pastor and Don Carson was the one who had the license from the PHC Church so he became the obvious choice for the Assistant Pastor. He spoke 1x a month and later Jim Leaton was added. Sonia Owchariw was the initial worship leader as she played an instrument. When she could not come Jim filled in and even wrote some songs for us. After Pastor John died Don became Pastor and wrote Poems with each sermon a practice he continues today. Also at a point Don wrote some songs ( over 20) and added a few verses to other songs. Don has been wanting to get them published but does not have the musical knowledge to do so.

Carolyn and her contribution in starting the church. She was instrumental in getting the church to become a 501(c) 3 organization and did all the needed writing to the state and the initial mailing to the state. She was the Church Secretary and Treasurer and excelled at that position. Without her we would not be able to license or do anything as a church. We met at her house in Roselle Park and she also produced the flyers. She was important in her efforts to advertise and helped us to do so in the papers submitted to the state so we can be legally recognized.

originally we had a small book for songs and sang some choruses but most were from the 70's and early 80's even until the early 2000's so not much changed. We had picked out a few songs and that was it. Now we have a songbook and have more modern songs and they are connected with the sermon as both Natalie and others suggested. Now we play the songs off of You Tube and sing with it, but occasionally Annette leads us with songs we sing that are not on You Tube.

Presently we are Live Streaming our services on FB at Pastor Don Carson and also on You Tube at Word of Grace Fellowship - Union. At one point Natalie Marino helped us by getting on TV 36 with a special there and Jim and Don edited some programs. So we were on TV at one point but are not at present. At one point we were on Multiply to post the notes for Pastor John's sermons, Don's prophecy and Don's sermons. Sonia encouraged Don to get on social media and it helped with him doing so. Natalie since 2010 has helped to get us a website and is the webmaster to this day. She posts the Web articles and also the Sermons weekly and Don's prophecies. She also sends it to a list of people who want to be on our website list. By doing this evangelism we are going forth into the nations even though we only have a few. The impact is more than what we see. We will never know the impact our lives have until we get to Heaven! We do more than we realize!


We have already named Maricel Carson as the Co treasurer. She has demonstrated that she has demonstrated she can do a better job of taking care of the finances better then anyone active in the church. She has improved our record keeping and increased our ability our record keeping procedures. Because of her desire to improve our ability to improve our financial health we want to reward her for her work. This change will make her the official Secretary- Treasurer of our church. The meeting that we officially made her the Secretary Treasurer took place on 1/13/2019. Maricel has refused to take a salary for this position.

This is to Let you know that we have a Church Anniversary coming up on March 24 to celebrate our 33rd year of existence as a Church. The service for it will be different for we will be honoring our church and what we have done. We will also be putting more of an emphasis on Carolyn Balash Owchariw as as memorial to her since she died last year. So anyone who wants to come and honor the church and tell about how the church has blessed them can feel free to do so. We will have a different type of service. The songs sung will be more of what we had at the beginning. IT will be broadcast but I will not have a sermon for that day. IT is important that we honor what we have done in the past to help us feel proud of what we have accomplished.

Maricel will put together a slide presentation for this event. IF you have any pictures you want to be included in this presentation then please send in those pics to me or to Maricel at

We hope you can make it. IT will be held at Annette's house and then we will eat at Wendys paid for by the church. IF you want to go to Wendys you need to let us know at least by the 21st so we will bring enough to pay for everybody.