Salvation Prayer:
Lord, I realize that I am a sinner and need you. I need help and need a Savior. I come to you to forgive me of my sin. I need Jesus! I believe in what you provided for me because of Jesus and accept what HE provided for me at Calvary. I believe that HE died for my sin and rose again so I might live with you in Heaven. Come into my heart and live in me and through me for the rest of my life, so I can live for you. I am now a Christian!

if you prayed this prayer then please contact Pastor Don and let him know. You can contact him on FB at Pastor Don Carson. Thank you for praying this prayer and receiving Jesus today. You now are part of God's Family. Welcome to the forever family of God!

Healing Prayer:
#1 In the Name of Jesus I speak healing into my body. I command the healing power of Jesus Christ to flow into my _______________( fill in the blank) Lord you took this sickness ( or disease- name it) so with his stripes I am now healed. ( if you had pain move arm or leg - do what you can do to show to yourself that you are healed)

#2 In Jesus name Satan I command you to leave and go for you have no rights over my body. I have been given authority over you so go in Jesus name. I am free in Jesus name! No weapon that you have can prosper against me. I am his child and so you cannot dwell any more in my body!

if you need Pastor Don to pray for you for your healing then contact him at Pastor Don on FB or on Twitter @drdonwcarson

Prosperity Prayer;
Father, I pray that you will cause this financial gift to prosper in my life. I give it at your direction and trust that you will use it to provide my need of ______________. You said you will provide all my needs according to your riches in glory by the Spirit of Jesus Christ. Restore my _________________________________________. Thank you for providing for me in this situation.

there are things we must remember about prosperity and that is we cannot reap without first sowing. There are 4 different ways we can give and they have different results. These are general prayers for healing and prosperity. To reap you must first sow, so if you want to give to the church then contact Pastor Don to find out how you can do so. - FB- Pastor Don Carson or on Twitter @drdonwcarson

Rev. Dr. Don W. Carson
Word of Grace Fellowship